“There is a crack in everything  that’s how the light gets in”                                     Leonard Cohen


Josie, thanks for your readings. Really amazing what you can do. You were spot on.

Kerrie & Nina

Thanks Josie… the reading gave me exactly what I needed… [validates reading with personal experiences/insight]…. So yes I’m very thankful


Hi Josie, this is Guilia the Italian lady. I wanted to say thanks for your great support, I’m feeling much better. I would like to see you in the future. Kind regards

Love Guilia

Hi Josie, thanks again for the “kick up the bum” reading ,  exactly what I needed!

Thank you for your time, care & attention Josie. I feel very blessed & seen … by you & by my guides during your sessions. This truly helps & supports me


Thanks Josie, I really appreciate this kindness. It means a lot. This is a true gift you have and shared with me, Thank you.


I just wanted to leave you a little note to say thank you for your reading. I really enjoyed it.

Love Tayla

Thank you Josie for putting me back on track & making me feel and put things in perspective.

Candace xxxxxx

THANK YOU so much for Friday night you were a breath of fresh air and the right kick up the backside we all needed to put things in perspective. Thank you!

Best regards

Thank you Josie. You are like no one I have ever met.  A true spiritual goddess. You read me correctly from the moment I got in touch. I didn’t even need to verbalise why I had come to see you. I have never experienced anything like it. I have walked away far lighter and clearer than I have been for many years. My experience with you was emotional, powerful and liberating. You were clearly sent to me for a very special reason and my family and I will be eternally grateful.


Dear Josie,

Thank you so much for your insightful reading today. You have given me several points to pursue to ensure my life remains productive and fulfilling. And I will be seeing “Rose” again tomorrow evening. Many thanks and best wishes


“Thank you again for today. Our time with you has led to changes for us all”

Sarah after eight readings for girls weekend away

“Thank you dear Josie-Rose for being with us at the Springwood Spiritualist Church last Sunday 1st June… You are a breath of fresh air and a wonderful Psychic Intuitive… Your readings were full of inspiration and insight into our journey on this earth and you also bought laughter and joy to the messages… I have given your name to three friends who are in need of guidance and direction and feel you are the one to help them… Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing you at Springwood Church in September… Many Blessings to you for your service to Spirit and us…

Diane  (medium coordinator for Springwood Spiritualist Church)

“I am emailing you to once again thank you for this afternoons reading. You are a great inspiration and have certainly given me the big kick up the arse that I need! Everything that you said made a lot of sense and it was all inside me already. It just needs to come out (or be kicked out!!). I am tired of my ‘caged animal’ and will set it free no matter what. To let you know how much of an inspiration you have been I wanted to let you know that following the reading I started to take the steps [Tom lists numerous steps inspired by his reading]……. So again I say thank you. You have an amazing gift and it is nice to see that you use it in such a caring and considerate way”


“Hi Josie, thank you for yesterday, what you said is incredibly insightful. I have written points down…. [Astrid recounts seven specific actions she has undertaken which were inspired by the messages she received during her reading]  I am taking this very seriously…..I have been dabbling and procrastinating for a lifetime and its time for me to take myself through to the other side where I am 100%. … Thanks again  x”


“Hi Josie Thank you for the reading on Wednesday morning, it was very thought provoking and accurate. Just to let you know, I am pregnant, so you were right….. Thank you again”


“Thanks again for today Josie. You have a real gift.”


“Your reading yesterday was spot on. I feel so grateful.”


“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for seeing me yesterday. It’s not a usual thing for me to do but I’m thoroughly glad I had the opportunity to meet you and had the chance to benefit from your gift. I’ve really got a lot to think about and work on.
Thank you again, and I hope to come and see you again in the future.”


“Josie, much gratitude for the magnificent reading today. I have had many readings in my life and yours was very deep and profound. Much has already been rearranged for me.”


2nd Session: “Darling THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU for the  gift that is you”


1stSession:                                                                                                                                 “Josie is beautiful & and I am so grateful to have had a session with her! Within 2 seconds of sitting down she pin pointed the exact issue I needed to work with. Josie was integral to a positive shift of some of my deepest beliefs about myself. In the days since my reading I’ve felt an understanding and compassion for myself that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I immediately booked a reading for my mum & I highly recommend a session with Josie”…“Thank you again. Mum & I are continuing to grow and heal as a result of our sessions with you.  We both cant thank you enough.”


“I felt like I had been invited into the spirit realm for a conference meeting about my life. Josie’s reading offered clarity, insight and a chance to dialogue with my beautiful mum which was emotionally healing.”


“I sought a reading from Josie not quite knowing what I was seeking. So, I was really happy and became a little emotional when the reading began and she gave me information about myself and my loved ones that was spot on. I feel that Josie has pointed me towards the right path to enrich my life and my family’s and I now understand why I needed the reading. Thanks Josie!”