“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

My gift manifests in the ability to be able to read, see and feel the energies around client’s past, present and possible futures. The capacity to connect clients to important information that enhances and supports their soul’s journey is a profound privilege for me and one that I take very seriously, applying both care and professionalism to each reading. My abilities have been handed down through both my paternal and maternal sides.

My family line, like every family, filled with both dysfunction and celebration had some wise women who inspire me with their healing and gifts.  My Nonna (Grandma in Italian) was clairvoyant but it was a challenge growing up in a traditional Catholic family. When she found the love of her life in my Nonno, the two families arranged a dinner to formally discuss the marriage. The story goes that as everyone sat around the large table her future father-in-law whose reputation was that of cruelty, viciously denounced her as a witch, almost destroying the engagement.

But she survived this and although she never went professional her gift eventually unfurled and she became renowned for her accurate readings for family and friends.  On my other side was my great great grandmother Rebecca who was bought out from Ireland in 1875 to marry an alcoholic miner based in the wilds of New Zealand. Her husband after working away for a month would make the three day journey home via every drinking establishment arriving without a cent to his name. So to support their eight children Rebecca became a lay midwife and local healer traveling on horseback through dense bush to help local families.

These women among others inspire me and give me strength and faith in my abilities to transmit and heal despite the innate challenges of life on planet earth. I am also blessed to have had two beautiful teachers who recognised my abilities and encouraged and nurtured me and my gift.

I am merely the messenger. Nothing is from me. However my background of years working in community service roles compliments sessions providing clients with empathy and compassion in a safe, supportive space.